First Lall for Papers

Now available: Proceedings of the 1994 First BEEE Nighting

In continuation of the 1994 First Aachen BEEE Nighting "Reaching the Lall Border - Experiences and New Methods" we announce the long expected follow-up meeting. After two years of intensive research this will be a challenging opportunity for presenting new results concerning mind and (fluid) matter. We expect contributions from experts especially in the field of Hopfen and Malts. Topics include, but are not restricted to

  • Dooming the Department

  • GSM (Gender-related Studies by Males)

  • ANNABELLE and her consequences

  • Fertility on Landesstellen

  • ATM (Always on The Move)

  • Trading virtual BUs (Beer Units)

  • Dutch Faxes

Submission of extended abstracts or full papers (not under 2.0 promille) are due to 31.06.96.
Notification of acceptance: immediately.
Camera-ready copies by Hoeppi's Kodak.

Provisional program committee (up to casual alcoholic indispositions):

Matthias Berber
Peter Ärmel
Marko Schrubba

Department of Computer Science 4
RWTH Aachen
52056 Aachen