Seminar Advanced Exploitation Techniques in WS 2008/2009




Blocked presentations, probably in February 2009


To be announced (August 2008)




Prof. Dr. Otto Spaniol, Lexi Pimenidis, Andriy Panchenko

Important dates to the seminar

t.b.a. (August 2008)

Assignment of topics

t.b.a. (February 2009)

Deadline for seminar paper as pdf document

t.b.a. (February 2009)



Simple exploitation techniques like stack based buffer overflows, or format string attacks are likely to be of no significance in near future - either due to new stack protection techniques, advanced compilers or high-level programming languages. This seminar is about actively discovering, developing and describing new and innovative exploitation techniques.

Note that intensive knowledge of classical exploitation techniques is an unconditional precondition to participate in this seminar. This includes their context, practical exploitation, defeating them, as well as their theoretical background.


  • Vordiplom in Computer Science (Diploma students), or similar
  • Successful participation in one of the "Hacking Lab" practical labs or similar qualification (please give exact details in registration!)
  • Reading the DOs and DON'Ts for seminars.

How to get the certificate?

Each participant has to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Writing of a paper of 20 - 30 pages
  • Giving a presentation (45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion)
  • Visiting all presentations

Please also have a look to the general hints for seminars.

Topics and Presentation Dates

To be announced.


The literature is announced in the first meeting.

For questions: Lexi Pimenidis, Room: 2U08
Phone: (0241) 80-21419

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